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Caring Waco Attorneys Who Provide Guidance on Family Law Issues

Proven lawyers handle cases involving divorce and child custody

Divorce and other family law concerns can be very painful, but finding the right attorney gives you and your loved ones a chance to achieve a positive resolution. At McLeod & McLeod, LLP in Waco, our attorneys offer comprehensive legal support for Central Texas clients who are ending a marriage, are engaged in a parenting dispute, or require some other type of assistance for a domestic issue. With 40 years of combined legal experience, we concentrate on achieving a result that protects your legal rights and emotional well-being. In our small office, you receive personalized attention from qualified family law attorneys who care about creating a strong, lasting foundation for you and your children.

Our dedicated firm offers comprehensive counsel during a divorce

When you are going through a divorce, it is important to retain a qualified advocate who can help you overcome the turmoil and outline how Texas law affects your case. Our dedicated attorneys explain issues such as:

  • Property division — Texas is a community property state, which usually means that the value of income and property acquired during the marriage is to be split evenly. Though this might seem simple, we conduct a thorough review to determine if all items are properly included in the marital estate, if assets or debts should more rightly be considered separate property, or if spousal misbehavior should be considered.
  • Child Custody — Our attorneys will help you fight for what is best for you and your children, and work to set up an agreement that will ensure your children have all of their needs met.

Like every marriage, every divorce is unique. In a free consultation, we listen to you and then offer knowledgeable advice on what might work best in your situation. Whether these key issues can be worked out amicably or you need a strong courtroom advocate, our firm represents you in a professional manner.


Our skilled attorneys litigate child support matters

Texas law requires parents, whether they were ever married or not, to help fund their minor children’s needs. If the parents no longer live together, the parent who lacks primary residential custody is required to pay a percentage of income to the other parent for child support. We can show what you can expect to give or receive based on your income and health insurance payments for your son or daughter. Our firm also assists parents when issues arise regarding a parent’s income, failure to make required payments, or enforcement and modification requests.


Contact an experienced Central Texas family law attorney for a free initial consultation

McLeod & McLeod, LLP represents clients in a full range of family law matters, including divorces and child support disputes. Please call 254-753-0233 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Waco office.

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